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Solstice Movie Poster and DVD Sleeve Design

Cat and Owl Children’s Book Illustration

I am an Artist. I am a Designer. I am a Marketing Story Teller. 

I have been an artist since I could walk, and a designer since I was 19 years old. I create strong brands and lead successful marketing campaigns across all industries. From the arts and theater to technology and education. I enjoy creating branded story telling through marketing campaigns that produce results. From developing the creative brief and kick off with my team, to design and execution, and following up with analyzing results and pivoting when needed. I love it all. 

Now that I am a more experienced designer, I have graduated to art directing roles and have enjoyed leading teams of designers, photographers, and marketers in running effective campaigns. In the past 15 years, my career has been focused more in the education industry and non-profits.

As a watercolor artist and mother of 3, I have been honing my craft by illustrating children’s books for authors and dabbling in creating my own children’s book illustrations. I love creating artwork that represents myself as a mother and my love of the ocean and nature.

I live on the coast of Northern California in a small surf town, where I was born and raised. When I am not designing or illustrating, I am taking my kids to the beach, gardening in the backyard, hiking in the redwoods, and volunteering at my kids school. If I am lucky, and have a spare moment, I will sneak into a belly dance class with my dance sisters. 

–Carrie Duncan